The ‘mix’ in MixtMedia refers to my own varied background in fashion, design and art. In MixtMedia this mix of creativity, experience and knowledge comes together. After 20 years as a visual artist, I started designing web sites in 1996. Much has changed since then in the web industry, and I have grown with these developments. For me the constant factor is my love for design and imagery and the challenge as a visual designer to find the right balance between visual impact, communication and technology.

In 2004 I set up The Bigger Picture. The idea was to create a company where my passion and talent for creating beautiful products, my knowledge of the new possibilities of digital production techniques and my internet-expertise came together. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances I wasn’t able to continue this endeavour. If you are interested seeing more I refer you to the Project pages.

In addition to my design and art work I have extensive experience as a teacher of web design and Photoshop. At present I am a lecturer in media design subjects at the Utrecht University of Applied Science. This keeps me up to date on recent internet trends and developments in addition to the pleasure in itself of passing on knowledge.

And then there is the future. I have recently been accepted into the MA Games Design Program (a distance learning program) at the University of Central Lancashire (UClan). Now not that I am planning on becoming a Games Designer at this stage but it will allow me to explore elements of play, interaction deign, visual and multi-media story telling in the context of, yes, game design but also edutainment, e-learning and interactive art. We will see where it goes. Exciting!

If you would like to know more about me you can request a CV.