Bring Betje Home

A concept presented as part of my MA Games Design.


“Here you are in Amsterdam but what do you really know about the city? How long has it been here? Why does it have so many canals? Which economic activity made the Golden Age so golden? What is unique about its history of governance? Where there castles here in olden days? What connects the towers that still stand around the city? What happened here in WW2?”

In this modern day Mystery Game App,based on the rich collection of the Amsterdan Museum, you will use GPS coordinates and Augmented Reality, your eyes and your ears to help you dive into the hidden history of Amsterdam. You will explore the streets, follow clues, solve puzzles, and meet challenges. All to the end of solving a mystery, and finally bringing 18th the century Orphan Betje back to her family, unlocking the fascinating tales that Amsterdam has to tell you and having a lot of fun along the way.

The Pdf is available at